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An Overview of the Works of Dr. Geoffrey Mountvarner

March 3, 2014

In addition to being a physician in the Washington, D.C., area, Dr. Geoffrey Mountvarner is also a published author who has penned two books to date, Don’t Even Smile: The Other Side of Sexual Harassment and What Matters Most Is What You Do Next: Dealing with Adversity, both of which have received positive reviews.

Don’t Even Smile is based on a truly trying time in Dr. Mountvarner’s career when he was falsely accused of sexual harassment and, before any investigative work began, was slandered by the media. The book depicts his experiences as he tried to live a normal life while maintaining hold on the small things that got him through this period. The book was released in 2010.

What Matters Most Is What You Do Next shares the lesson and strategies that Dr. Mountvarner learned to employ as coping mechanisms during his time of being falsely accused of sexual harassment. He teaches readers how to use faith to deal with adversity during all stages of life.

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