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Runner Geoffrey Mountvarner on Injury Prevention Strategies, Part 2 of 2

February 21, 2014

In a previous post, Dr. Geoffrey Mountvarner outlined two strategies to prevent running injuries. Here, he provides additional tips.

Improve Balance with Strength Training. Exercises to build the hip muscles and gluteus maximus increase stability and strengthen the entire leg, thereby preventing injuries. Don’t aim for a big boost in muscle size; instead, train just enough to keep the hips and legs symmetrical.

Run on a Level Surface. Over time, road camber (the slope of the running surface) creates discrepancies in your body as your left and right legs hit the pavement at different angles. Some physical therapists have seen this lead to hip injuries. To combat this, train on even surfaces or on a treadmill as much as possible.

Take a Break. Build recovery days into your training schedule. Intersperse intense training days with light recovery days. Every few weeks, take the day off to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.

About Dr. Geoffrey Mountvarner:

An emergency medicine physician and author, Dr. Geoffrey Mountvarner has competed in three New York City Marathons and in multiple other long-distance competitions.


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